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Wheel Alignment Service
(Hunter Engineering Company)


Our Total Wheel Alignment Service Minimizes Rolling Resistance,
 A Major Factor in
Tire Wear.

1.  We use electronic sensors to measure individual toe on one drive axle and determine thrust line.  
2.  We align that axle to point down the center of the frame.
3.  We measure and align each of the other axles parallel to the reference axle-so all wheels roll in the same direction         

Our  Computerized Alignment system does mores:

Electronically compensates each sensor for runout, common because of bent or distorted rims.

References toe to centerline on the frame rails, so it correctly computes the thrustline, even when offset is present.  

Because our system measures where the axles point, it isn't fooled by set back.

Here's what Total Wheel Alignment can do for you:

Reduce Tire Wear--Improper alignment is a major cause of premature tire wear on all axles.  Total alignment sets all wheels parallel.  This can add thousands of miles to tire life.  

Reduce Component Wear--When all wheels work with the system, stress on steering and suspension components is reduced.

Spot Problems Early--An under-vehicle inspection is part of our alignment procedure.  This allows us to spot worn parts before they can cause costly problems.

Improved Handling--Proper alignment is necessary for optimum handling characteristics-contributing to increased safety and reduced driver fatigue, especially on ice and snow.

Minimize Rolling Resistance--Total alignment sets all wheels parallel.  This works with proper inflation to minimize rolling resistance and improve operating efficiency, which helps reduce fuel consumption.


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